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We don't sell home DVRs or NVR's. We don't sell Enterprise Level or Business DVR's & NVR's. We Sell ONLY TRUE MOBILE DVR's & NVR's, SPECIFICALLY designed for rugged, mobile use. Police Cars, School Buses, Mass Transit Buses, etc. They come with all the bells and whistles you would expect, and they WORK. Period! This isn't your fathers mobile system. Just take a look at what these bad boys can do! From Real Time onboard manifests, to historical documentation of the entire vehicle whereabouts, maintenance performance, driver "on road" time, and a hundred other things that you might want to know about your fleet. This is IT when it comes to mobile monitoring. We can provide a mobile hotspot on your vehicle, and provide real time HIGH DEFINITION 1080p coverage of everything that moves in and around it. We can EVEN provide a virtual "fence" (known as Geo-Fencing) around the unit anytime it is parked. Complete WIFI connections mean you can wirelessly offload video from the day, along with all data and metrics. Call us for Fleet Pricing today, you'll be astonished at how inexpensive it can be. We can handle ANY size fleet, no matter how small or large. PROVEN technology means superior performance.

Here is partial list of things these units are capable of:

1.    Supports REAL TIME 1080P Recording on Every Channel, H.26 Format (.mp4), Can be converted to .avi format
2.    Standard H.264 video compression
3.    Supports dual stream network transmission
4.    Supports pentaplex operation: preview, record, playback, backup, network transmission
5.    SD Card Slot & USB Ports for local backup & video retrieval
6.    Supports alarm pre-recording & motion detection
7.    Supports real-time remote viewing through 3G/4G/WIFI (Included)
8.    Provides a WIFI "Hot Spot" in/around the Vehicle that you can provide to your Customers/Clients
9.    GPS information embedded in screen
10.    Supports "Geo-Fencing" electronic fence and historical track playback
11.    Supports time-lapse recording after the car is powered off
12.    Supports recording and displaying the license plate number
13.    Supports HDD overwritten by # of days
14.    With digital zoom capabilities when previewing the video
15.    With password protection function
16.    Supports PTZ control via RS-485 port
17.    Support transmitting audio via network
18.    Supports backup and upgrade with USB flash disk & USB hard disk
19.    Stable aluminum alloy structure with shock absorber
20.    Includes CMS Software, Video Viewer
21.    Includes ability to download to server via WI-FI
22.    Video is Watermarked
23.    Can be Connected to a "Panic Button" or any I/O device
24.    Adjustable "File Size" from 5-60 Minutes
25.    Supports Smartphone & Tablet via APPS from Google & Apple
26.    Linux Embedded Operating System with Graphical User Interface (GUI)
27.    Encrypted File Management
28.    Audio provided all ALL Channels, each channel can be isolated
29.    Adjustable Image Quality, Resolution & Bitrate
30.    I/O Inputs
31.    RS232 & RS485 Ports
32.    Built in G-Sensor (Accelerometer)
33.    Built in Intercom
34.    Included CANBUS
35.    DC 8-36 Volts @ 12 Watts
36.    Built in Clock & Timer
37.    Operating Temperatures : -20 to 85c
38.    Can Monitor the ENTIRE Vehicle Operating System using the optional “OBD", including Historical Reports
39.    Optional Remote Start and Shutdown (keyless) via the Network
40.    Optional Fingerprint Reader or ID Card Reader & Monitoring, KNOW EVERYONE aboard ANY Vehicle
41.    REMOTE TV Wall
42.    REMOTE Sensor Alarms / Monitoring
43.    Driver ID and Monitoring for each individual driver
44.    Remote “overspeed” alarm & monitoring, historical report by driver
45.    Automatic Shutdown can be configured from 5 minutes to 24 hours AFTER Vehicle is Shut Down

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